Custom server racks

There are few, if any, companies that are going to create custom servers racks for you that hold up to our standards. Our customers keep coming back because they know that they're going to be getting exactly what they want, and at the exact quality that their purpose requires.

When you want quality you can rely on time and time again. You get your server racks made at Premier Enclosures.

The best way to get the exact enclosure you're looking for is to look through the Premier brochure, Pantera brochure, or the Python brochure in our documents & drawings area to get a general idea of what enclosure you'd like to base your custom server rack around and then all you do is modify it to meet your requirements. Once you've modified the enclosure to your specifications just send us your changes and we'll make it for you so you get the perfect server rack. Then simply send us a request with a drawing of what kind of modifications you need done to customize it.

Some of the things commonly customized by our clients.

  • Fan Placement
  • Door type
  • Power supply type
  • EMI
  • Bay Width
  • Bay Depth
  • Bay Height
  • Bay Quantity
  • Latching System
  • Filtration systems
  • Single or multiple door
  • Rack height
  • Rack Width
  • Mounting style

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